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At Upstream Collaborative, we connect with your needs in order to develop programming informed by the latest research in mindfulness and SEL so that we can support you, your child or your school community in the journey towards inner and communal belonging. 

Please explore below to find out what approach may be best for your needs.

For youth

“Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.”
Pablo Neruda
Our 1-1 youth program is 8 weeks long and available for children aged 4-18. Each 1 hour session uses both mindfulness and targeted social-emotional practices and can be conducted online or in person. This includes an initial meeting and ongoing check-ins with families in order to discuss individualized goals for your child. Although components may vary depending on each child’s individual needs, below are some of the general skills, concepts and dispositions that are incorporated into most program plans.
Youth learning about mindfulness - upstream collaborative


Learning targeted mindfulness practices (ie. mindfulness of the breath or mindful listening) to pay attention to what is happening in our bodies and minds can support increased ability to think and reason, as well as emotional wellness.

Emotional Awareness

Naming, accepting and understanding our emotions helps us to integrate those feelings into our awareness. When we are aware of our emotions, we are better able to articulate our needs and connect deeply with others.


Developing awareness of what our emotions and sensations are telling us allows us to be able to read the clues and make choices about how to act. In learning self-regulation strategies, children can feel more confident and in control of their choices and behaviour.


Recognizing anxieties and stressors in our lives and using mindful awareness to name our strengths, develop a growth mindset, and use self-compassion practices in order to grow in our ability to navigate and learn from challenges.

For individuals & groups

"Transformation is not accomplished by tentative wading at the edge."
Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass
Our short courses and workshops meet you where you are at in order to find ways to bring mindful awareness into your busy life. Check the events page for ongoing offerings or reach out to us if you’d like to organize a private family or group course. Some of the courses we can offer:
Groups learning about mindfulness - upstream collaborative

Introduction to Mindfulness

This 6-week introductory course shares fundamental mindfulness practices and gives participants an understanding of how mindfulness can be integrated into daily life. We will discuss and practice mindfulness of the breath, emotions, and thoughts, as well as practices that can help to cultivate kindness and compassion.

Mindful Parenting

Our intro course with a twist! An introduction to mindfulness with a special lens on how tired and busy parents can use practical social-emotional tools and understandings to become more present in their relationships with their children.

Mindful Families

Let's invite the whole family in together to explore mindfulness, learn practical social-emotional tools to help express emotions, communicate thoughtfully and enjoy your time together. This course is best for children aged 8 and up.

Mindful Workplace

Embedding practices of mindfulness and emotional intelligence at work can support a healthy and balanced workplace culture. Workshops and courses are available to support teams in becoming more emotionally literate, managing stress and communicating effectively. We are also able to use scientifically-validated emotional intelligence assessments to help guide growth and development. 

For schools

“Tomorrow belongs to those of us who conceive of it as belonging to everyone; who lend the best of ourselves to it, and with joy."
Audre Lorde
School learning about mindfulness

School communities feel safe and welcoming when they take the time to build trusting relationships and provide the adults in the community with genuine care and support. Our professional development workshops introduce research-based, practical ideas and strategies that will support school staff and leadership in their personal and professional growth as you build and nurture your community together. Possible explorations include:

  • Mindfulness and social-emotional learning for educators
  • Resilience and self-care
  • Supporting the change management process for systemic implementation within the school
  • Developing supportive relationships and classroom community

For interested schools, your journey could also include the application of validated emotional intelligence assessments which can look at personal growth for community members as well as an examination of the overall school culture. This assessment data can be very helpful to inform your goals and vision for the future of the school.

Contact us to chat about your school’s vision and needs so that we can support you as you support your school community.

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