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Recently, it has become evident that supporting students needs to also include ensuring that the adults in their sphere also feel safe and emotionally competent. Thus, Upstream Collaborative was born to welcome exploration of these skills for children, families, teachers and schools.

A certified teacher, Kailyn received her Master's in Education specializing in Mindfulness for Educators from Antioch University. She also has a certificate in Positive Education from Laurier University. Currently, she is back at Antioch as a doctoral student, specializing in SEL. She is also en route to becoming a certified mindfulness teacher under the mentorship of Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program.

Kailyn lives with her partner and four bonus children. Her own social-emotional growth is supported by a regular meditation practice and ongoing professional learning. Hobbies and self-care practices include yoga, spending time in the forest, curling up with a good book and playing board games with friends.
Kailyn Fullerton - CEO and Co-founder of Upstream Collaborative
Kailyn Fullerton, CEO and Founder

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